Graduate Electrodynamics

Lecture Notes by Michael Fowler, UVa.

Text:  Classical Electrodynamics, Jackson.  

This is a continuing project, the lectures currently available cover approximately the first semester. These lectures may be further edited.

* means optional.


1. A Guide to Jackson Chapter 1

2. Discontinuities in fields at surfaces

3. Reviewing Units. Warning: Jackson is bilingual!

4. Math Bootcamp

5. More Math: Helmholtz' Theorem

6. Electrostatics I

7. Electrostatics II

8. Images

9. Green's Reciprocation Theorem

10. Capacitances

11. Green's Function and Basis States

12. Cartesian Variable Separation

13. Complex Plane

14. 2D Electrostatics Using Complex Variable I

15. 2D Electrostatics Using Complex Variable II

16. Conformal Mapping

17.* Van der Pauw's Theorem

18. Spherical Harmonics

19. Remarks on some Azimuthally Symmetric Problems

20. Spherical Green's Functions

21. Cylindrical Symmetry: Bessel Functions

22. Cylindrical Green's Functions

23. * Charged Conducting Disc

24. * Charged Needle

25. * Conducting Plane With Circular Hole

26. Multipoles

27. Dielectrics I

28 Dielectrics II

29. Molecular Polarizability

30. Magnetostatics I

31. Magnetostatics II

32. Magnetization and the field H

33. Magnetic Materials

34. Magnetostatic Boundary Conditions

35. Faraday Induction

36. Field Energy and Inductance

37. Quasi-Static Magnetic Fields in Conductors

38. Maxwell's Equations

39. Time-Dependent Green's Functions

40. * Derivation of Macroscopic Equations

41. Poynting's Theorem


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